We don’t just take on cases, we take on relationships.

As part of your team, Lee Davis Law, LLC provides practical legal advice in language you can understand.

We strive to be a different kind of law firm, without the arrogance that many people experience when dealing with legal counsel. It is our philosophy, principles, and priorities that set us apart.

We understand that working with a lawyer can be intimidating and expensive, and possibly even demeaning. Because of that, we approach our representation differently – you are not just a client or a case – you are a teammate. We are not just attorneys, we are counselors. We understand that our clients’ interests and goals are to resolve their business and personal matters, and not merely to provide legal work for us. Therefore, we share a philosophy that defines our firm:

To be our client’s team-member – someone to whom you can ask questions and receive straight-forward answers in plain English.

When it comes to finding a solution to your problem, one-size does not fit all. Each problem has a unique personality, and requires an effective counselor and attorney to focus on the big picture: solving your problem in the most economical and practical manner possible. Sometimes that requires zealous and aggressive representation, and sometimes it requires finesse. We pride ourselves on our ability to know the difference. Therefore, we hold this principle to be fundamental in our practice:

To at all times strive to accomplish the goals that are important to our clients in ways that are economical, creative, and practically helpful.

We also realize that the need for an attorney usually arises after the receipt of unwelcomed news, whether it be an injury or death of a loved one, or a business dispute that threatens your livelihood. From years of experience we understand that times like these take a toll not just financially, but emotionally as well. As your teammate, we want to guide you through this difficult time with objective, effective, and empathetic advice. Thus, it is our simple but overriding priority to:

Assure that every decision we make shall advance and serve our client’s financial and emotional well-being.

“I chose (and would choose again) to work with [Lee Davis Law, LLC] because they are professional yet approachable.”

A Lee Davis Law, LLC Client


Licensed to practice in all Georgia counties as well as state, federal and superior courts.